Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Easy No Sew Fabric Wreath Tutorial-- Impatient Craftaholic Series

Ahhh, fabric...it's beautiful isn't it? But sometimes you don't WANT to sew but you want to get your hands on that pretty fabric. Or you need a quickie project? Well, here you go!

I shall teach you how to create a nifty NO SEW fabric wreath. No ironing either (unless you're just a slob with fabric and well, then...you deserve to have to iron for that fabric abuse.).

Seriously, SUPER EASY wreath that looks like you spent a fortune.

To help those with slower internet, I've uploaded this tutorial with more details on Flickr. Let me know if there are any questions!

The best part about this fabric wreath? If you really want to save some dough, you can actually pull out each of the pieces of fabric and ribbon and replace them with new fabric for each occasion!


A Tip to make the wreath Permanent from my friend Sharon: Use fabric glue on the tip of the fabric as you shove it in and it will permanently stick :)

My Who Dat Saints Wreath:

My July Fourth Wreath, a different way to do it:

You can even use this method on those nifty styrofoam balls!

Enjoy!!! I'd love to see your wreaths!


Walk in the Woods said...

Nice! What a cool and simple technique ~ I may just have to try it sometime. Heavens' know I have enough fabric hanging around to work with! Thanks for sharing. :)

~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

Cool...thanks for sharing babes!

Kiwi said...

I've seen these, and always thought they looked so cool! Thanks for sharing this!

Jackie said...

Can't wait to try this! Thanks for sharing.

mamaslittlemonkeys said...

Adding this note....take care not to let your wreath fall OFF your door! Mine did in a gust of wind and it broke in several pieces! Guess they just don't make styrofoam like they used to...especially if you stab it with a screwdriver.... :)But the beauty is I have all the fabric for ANOTHER wreath !:)

Jenn said...

I just found this tutorial and I was curious what size wreath you used?

mamaslittlemonkeys said...

I think is one was 14 inches, I can't recall. Any size will work.


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